Episode #8: Chris Kluwe’s Free Time and the Kansas City Royals

October 8, 2014 · 37:55

Author/activist/punter guy Chris Kluwe chats with John Moe about what he does now that he’s not punting (SPOILER: reading, writing, “nerding out”).  John also talks baseball with Yahoo!’s Dave Brown; their conversation includes the wonder of the 2014 Kansas City Royals, and the almost-as-wonderful Baltimore Orioles.


  • “The St. Louis Cardinals herp-a-derp.”
  • Coffin corners vs. Aussie-style kicking.
  • Ray Guy.
  • The Erik Bedard trade. (Close listeners will hear John’s world-weary sigh.)
  • The $1,300 purse at the National 40K Race Walk Championship in Ocean Township, New Jersey.
“Hi, I’m Oakland Raiders punter Ray Guy.  Thanks for listening to another fine episode of Home Dunk*.”
*He did not say this.  But you should listen anyway, it’s a good show.