Episode #7: Greg Wyshynski’s NHL Preview and The Tournament of Names Finale

October 1, 2014 · 36:18

John Moe talks decay, collapse, and things falling apart.  Or if you’d rather, he talks about Derek Jeter and Tom Brady, and how they’re not like Prince (the musician, not Fielder).

He then previews the upcoming NHL season with Puck Daddy‘s Greg Wyshynski, who tells us what teams and players to watch out for, and dispels the myth that a morbidly obese goalie would be effective in any way.

Then, it’s on to the finale of the Tournament of Names, wherein John, Mike Fotis, and Peter Clowney pick a champion between Lions, Texans, Giants, and Cowboys.  It gets weird.


Janeane Garofalo is saying, “Hey, Home Dunk listeners!” (She is not saying this.  It is not true.) #90324389 / gettyimages.com


  • The Uma Thurman/Janeane Garofalo vehicle The Truth About Cats and Dogs.
  • Wyshynski on finding a fellow hockey diehard: “Here’s someone who likes what I like, even if ESPN doesn’t.”
  • A tornado of untruth/Peter Clowney’s secret history of tornadoes.
  • “Boy cows are real stackable.”
  • All Texans sleep in stadiums/stadia.
  • Knifechins.
  • The Asian Games Men’s Badminton Final between two opponents who just don’t like each other. (I am guessing; it’s badminton.)