Episode #9: Pablo Torre, Biometrics, Todd Gurley, and The Coach

October 15, 2014 · 40:08

Pablo Torre returns to Home Dunk to talk biometrics in the NBA with John Moe.  It’s fascinating and, as they note, more 1984 than Moneyball.  Later, John welcomes The Coach to talk about this week’s Game.


  • Parallel Universe Home Dunk delivers a scathing indictment of University of Georgia running back Todd Gurley for soiling the NCAA’s integrity by allegedly signing his own name to things for a small cash reward.  The horror!
  • Best explanation for the NBA being at the forefront of biometrics: One in three NBA owners comes from the tech industry.
  • Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain: probably bad at biometrics!
  • Voluntary off-season workouts that you have to go to or you’re fired.
  • “Spencer Hawes wasn’t compatible with Windows 10.”
  • The Coach is a “freelance coach.”
  • Quesadilla hands.
  • Piranha Lake.
  • Inline speed skating rankings (senior women’s division).


Todd Gurley, scourge of the NCAA