Episode #14: Sherman Alexie on Kobe, Reservation Basketball, and Mascots

November 19, 2014 · 44:55

John Moe interviews fellow writer/podcast host/basketball enthusiast/Seattle SuperSonics mourner Sherman Alexie on this episode.  Among the items covered:

  • Kobe Bryant as Orson Welles in Touch of Evil.
  • Their not-at-all hidden glee over Bryant’s Lakers getting steamrolled by the Golden State Warriors.
  • Guys who say basketball is “just a game” NEVER think it’s just a game.  (I can confirm this.)
  • With the Sonics now the Oklahoma City Thunder, the authors’ reversion to “hate fandom” and their tentative outreach to the Portland Trail Blazers.
  • Basketball as the sport of American poverty.
  • The wonders of reservation hoops.  (The poem referenced is here.)
  • Why people are finally paying attention to offensive mascot names.
  • The genesis of Sherman and Jess Walter’s A Tiny Sense Of Accomplishment podcast.

John also talks about power, in the person of new executive director of the NBA Players’ Association and all-around badass Michele Roberts and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and reads Rejected Super Bowl Halftime Show Proposals from his book, Dear Luke, We Need to Talk. Darth.