Open Mike Eagle is an L.A. based hip-hop artist. On Secret Skin, he and his guests examine what’s really going on behind the face that hip-hop artists put on for the public. The in-jokes. The heavy stuff. The tour stories. The day-to-day struggles and absurdities of being a working musician. The Secret Skin. Want to know more? Click.


Episode #5: Myq Kaplan Is Not Afraid

October 20, 2014 · Duration: 1:19:12 · Play

The subject is fear. Open Mike Eagle tells you what he’s afraid of (improperly ejected hard drives, for one), then talks with his guest, comedian Myq Kaplan, about conquering those fears.  

Episode #3: The Death of Underground Hip-Hop

September 22, 2014 · Duration: 54:25 · Play

Open Mike Eagle loves underground hip-hop, but he also killed it. So did Gilbert O’Sullivan and other Napster users, as he notes. Mike also welcomes fellow traveler Blockhead to the show to talk music and the New York City school system.

Episode #2: Comedy with Janelle James

September 8, 2014 · Duration: 1:07:06 · Play

A wide-ranging conversation with comedian Janelle James leads to discussions of hecklers, Iowa, organic food in surprising places, Darla, and driving four hours for a 5-minute gig.

Episode #1: Naked and Afraid

August 25, 2014 · Duration: 50:55 · Play

Open Mike Eagle is naked and afraid. Or so he tells us at the beginning of the inaugural Secret Skin. On this episode, he talks to Nocando in the midst of their successful, minivan-assisted Dorner Vs. Tookie Tour.