50: Dear P.

February 1, 2019 · 4:59
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Dear P.
by Victoria Chang

Someone will    love you    many will    love

you    many will brother you    some of these

loves will    bother you some    will leave you

one might    haunt   you    hunt you in your

sleep    make you    weep the tearless kind of

weep the    kind of weep    that drowns your

organs   slowly   there are little oars in your body

little boats    grab on to them and row and    row

someone will tell you    no    but you won’t    know

he is    right until you have   already    wrung your

own heart dry    your hands dripping knives    until

you have   already    reached your hands into    his

body and put them through his    heart    love is

the only thing that    is not   an     argument

“Dear P.”, from BARBIE CHANG by Victoria Chang. Copyright © 2017 by Victoria Chang. Used by permission of Copper Canyon Press.