Too Beautiful to Live is a daily podcast from Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh. It's about life, current events, pop culture, puttering, laser baldness helmets, and tonight pants.


Episode #2773: There’s No Hurglars Among Burglars

November 16, 2018 · Duration: 1:59:49 · Play

TBTL Oh-Dark Qwerty: The Early Blurg Gets The Podcast week wraps up with a special Friday edition of TBTL! Luke and Andrew talk about the feel-good story of the year that ended up being a scam. Plus, a rare Friday edition of No Point Conversion rears its head after an eventful Seahawks match-up against Green Bay. 

Episode #2772: The Full Trebek

November 15, 2018 · Duration: 1:11:23 · Play

The TBTL Morning Zoo Crew do what it do! Luke and Andrew dig into a somewhat befuddling interview with Alex Trebek from Vulture Magazine, and Luke takes a stand against a certain word often used in songs.

Episode #2771: The Hand That Rocks The Ladle

November 14, 2018 · Duration: 1:51:00 · Play

Sean DeTore swings by to hang out with the TBTL Morning Zoo and share recipes for Cheese-less Mac & Cheese. Meanwhile, Luke saw a movie he loved but had the experience ruined by a loud talker behind him. 

Episode #2770: Classic Lowbrow Taco Nite!

November 13, 2018 · Duration: 1:50:41 · Play

It’s Day 2 of the TBTL Morning Zoo! Luke and Andrew share notes from listeners who are also getting their Early Blurg on this week. They also discuss the legacy of Stan Lee, who just passed away, and how the trial of El Chapo is shaping up in New York City. 

Episode #2769: Wake Up And Lose!

November 12, 2018 · Duration: 2:31:09 · Play

TBTL’s early morning experiment begins! Luke and Andrew wake up at 5am to talk about “bankruptcy barrels”, over-apologizing, and why Luke bought 500 gallons of spring water this weekend. 

Episode #2768: Wildly Infuriating

November 9, 2018 · Duration: 1:30:13 · Play

The Mystery Of Andrew’s Missing Package continues today when a key witness calls him up during the show. Plus, Luke explains why he doesn’t like diagonal walls. They also discuss journalistic ethics after Andrew discovers he had key information about a competing radio show. 

Episode #2767: Making A Burgerer Season 2

November 8, 2018 · Duration: 1:38:42 · Play

Luke & Andrew announce big plans for next week’s shows and take an unexpectedly deep dive into the show “God Friended Me”. Plus, Andrew argues both sides of a McDonalds Quarter Pounder With Cheese case, which leaves Luke hungry.

Episode #2766: The Flugelhorn Has Flugeled

November 7, 2018 · Duration: 1:08:57 · Play

Luke swings by the studios of Walsh, Walsh and Doormat to analyze last night’s election coverage on both radio and television. Plus, Andrew explains why he barks into a mirror before leaving the house. 

Episode #2764: BoJack Horse Therapist

November 5, 2018 · Duration: 2:10:20 · Play

Luke explains why he took some time away from TBTL last week, and how that has led to some important life decisions for him. Plus, Andrew is growing virtual parsnips. They discuss the Browns and the Seahawks in the latest installment of No Point Conversion.

Episode #2763: Won’t Somebody Think Of The Children?

November 2, 2018 · Duration: 1:24:28 · Play

Oprah is going around knocking on doors and surprising the hell out of voters in Georgia, Alec Baldwin makes the news again (so he must have punched someone, right?), and another American dog gets detained by Australian authorities. Plus, Andrew celebrates one year of smoke-free living, and it’s a Friday, so we have some Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #2761: Hawky Grandma Be Trippin

October 31, 2018 · Duration: 1:07:19 · Play

Luke and Andrew celebrate Halloween in the traditional manner by discussing bit coin mining operations and arguing over Blake Bortles jokes. Plus, a company decides that workers shouldn’t drink more than four beers during the workday. 

Episode #2760: Papa Salty’s Seafood Machine

October 30, 2018 · Duration: 2:00:45 · Play

A flu-ridden Luke records the show from bed, a practice that he’s considering making more permanent. Plus, Andrew makes a friend on an airplane, someone named Booger is angering people with his flying chair, and there’s an update on the Case of the Pooping Principal. Also, the huge news coming out of the Cleveland Browns camp is covered in this week’s No Point Conversion. 

Episode #2759: Monday Morning Musings

October 29, 2018 · Duration: 1:11:40 · Play

Luke hosts the show solo and finds himself wandering down all sorts of conversational rabbit holes he didn’t plan on including: The Events in Pittsburgh, Vegetarianism, Best Buy’s Automated Phone System, Body Image, and The Comedy of Adam Sandler. Special thanks this episode to Scott Crain of Seattle Wa. and Leah Martin of West Des […]

Episode #2755: Fine Young Cannabis

October 23, 2018 · Duration: 1:19:39 · Play

Luke starts the show spaced out on cold medicine and is disappointed to learn there’s a downside to his new “Meatless” lifestyle. Meanwhile Andrew navigates a Cheese-filled work lunch, and the guys hatch a plan to get up at 5am for an *entire* week to see if it improves their lives. 

Episode #2754: A Whole Lotto Math

October 22, 2018 · Duration: 1:54:39 · Play

Luke and Andrew realize they can’t afford not to buy Mega Millions this week. Plus, a new Tetris Champ is crowned, and the rise of single use bathrooms raises a new challenge, what do you say the person waiting for you about the… um… odor? Luke has some ideas. 

Episode #2753: Remote Acupressure For Vegans

October 19, 2018 · Duration: 1:18:22 · Play

Luke’s adventures in online therapy take a strange turn. Plus, he and Andrew finally deliver on some topical Rod Blagojevich hot takes. And it’s Friday, so we have some Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #2752: Putin On The Ritz

October 18, 2018 · Duration: 1:35:58 · Play

Luke is amazed and befuddled by the microwave instructions on his Trader Joe’s Enchilada. He and Andrew also discuss a crisis in the Tab community, and a hot air balloon that is upsetting Australians. 

Episode #2751: Oscar The Gout

October 17, 2018 · Duration: 1:38:06 · Play

Luke is trying a new approach to therapy, and it’s already going sideways. Plus, The Seattle Times validate’s what Andrew said after his experience at the impound lot this weekend. 

Episode #2750: And THAT’S How You Comedy!

October 16, 2018 · Duration: 1:06:26 · Play

Luke is considering taking his cat on a walk with a leash, and Andrew’s excited about an upcoming TBTL promo on his favorite podcast. Plus, a police officer helps lure a giant pig home, home the internet got all internety over a bagel emoji. 

Episode #2749: Coastal Honda Elite

October 15, 2018 · Duration: 1:41:01 · Play

Andrew explains why he called 911 over the weekend and why he regrets doing so. Plus, Luke is dealing with a head cold that is probably Andrew’s fault. And it’s a Monday, so we review the Seahawks’ win and the Browns’ loss in the latest installment of No Point Conversion.