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Secret Skin®

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Open Mike Eagle is an L.A. based hip-hop artist. On Secret Skin, he and his guests examine what’s really going on behind the face that hip-hop artists put on for the public. The in-jokes. The heavy stuff. The tour stories. The day-to-day struggles and absurdities of being a working musician.


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Unretirement is a grassroots movement rethinking and reimagining the second half of life. Hosted by author and journalist Chris Farrell, the podcast features stories of people searching for meaning and money well into the traditional retirement years. Unretirement is a production of American Public Media.

Reasonably Sound ®

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Do you enjoy sound? You’re reading a podcast description right now, so chances are good that you do. Mike Rugnetta does, too. And on Reasonably Sound, Mike will provide context, explanation and a little celebration of the complexities and awesomeness of audio, and the various cultures which surround and have grown around it. Not just for audiophiles, Reasonably Sound will be your guide to the world of sound.

Conversation Parade: An Adventure Time Podcast

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Open Mike Eagle and John Moe talk about the characters, story lines and themes in the hit Cartoon Network animated series Adventure Time. John and Mike also talk with the creative forces behind the show, interviewing the actors, storyboard artists, producers and others who make Adventure Time.

Home Dunk ®

Wits host John Moe loves sports. On Home Dunk, John and his guests talk about the stories of sports in a smart, friendly way, from the vantage point of people who didn’t necessarily make the team. They will also tell you which NFL mascot would win in a fight. We’re sorry, Cleveland.

Wits ®

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Wits was a weekly national public radio broadcast produced and distributed by American Public Media. As of September 2015, the broadcast ended. The stage shows that provided material for the broadcast are on hiatus, as is the podcast version of Wits.