Episode #3: Pilot Season, The Mermaid, and a Chat with Steve Almond

September 3, 2014 · 50:43

On this episode…

  • Sherman and Jess talk about deadlines, and blowing right on past them.
  • In the wake of Robin Williams’ death, they discuss the “overwrought,” “sentimental,” “overwritten” Dead Poets Society, which they both love anyway.
  • Sherman reads the new opening to Pilot Season, an unfinished work he’s been laboring over for years.
  • Jess reads from The Mermaid, which Sherman accurately pegs as a “white-trash fairy tale.”
  • Joke-telling as a weakness.
  • A chat with Steve Almond, author of Against Football, about his feelings on football. ¬†(He’s against it.) ¬†Jess predicts he will not be on The NFL Today this fall.
  • The over-under on how many pieces of hate mail Almond gets before the Super Bowl.
  • The epic, historical ass-kicking of Native American warrior culture and the romance of lost causes.